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EMAPS Brochure

Environmentally Powered Modular Autonomous Platform System (EMAPS) Brochure

The 5.85m EMAPS is the first of a family of medium speed and long endurance electric Autonomous Surface Vessel’s (ASV) which are built to perform uncrewed, remotely operated or autonomous missions. EMAPS ASV’s have the ability and capacity to host and deploy any operator-specified payloads within the platform geometry, payload weight and power constraints, while generating power to maintain a charge in the onboard battery storage system using solar panels and hydro-regeneration. EMAPS ability to generate surplus power while operating under sail allows for indefinite and long range missions of up to 2 months, depending on payload servicing requirements.

The next-generation EMAPS ASV addresses the financial challenges associated with conducting crewed offshore survey, inspection, and monitoring operations through the use of uncrewed vessels and remotely operated payloads, and facilitating collaborative activities between crewed and uncrewed assets. Due to our operations infrastructure, operations and staffing concept the cost per survey hour is reduced when multiple EMAPS are employed in an operational service.