Retracted on cradle

Retracted on cradle
CradleAttaches to TrailerFits in 20’ ISO ContainerStacks on Deck in 20’ ISO Container Footprint:Ships in Aircraft


A welded aluminium frame cradle custom made to EMAPS, is bolted on to a generic commercial boat trailer. This allows the vessel to be launched and recovered at recreational boat ramps and towed by standard light utility vehicles. The cradle is also designed to facilitate maintenance work on EMAPS.

Attaches to Trailer

A purpose-built cradle and trailer configuration allows EMAPS to be easily transported and deployed by any vehicle with a tow capacity greater than 2500kg.

Fits in 20’ ISO Container

The cradle is designed to fit into a standard 20 foot ISO container, allowing for safe storage, and ease of transportation through any existing container shipping network, whether that’s by road, rail, or sea.

Stacks on Deck in 20’ ISO Container Footprint:

Four stacking points are built in to the EMAPS centre-pod (top and bottom of the centre pod), allowing multiple vessels to be stacked vertically on-deck or on a warehouse floor, offering convenient and economical storage and transportation of EMAPS vessels.

Ships in Aircraft

Air transport of EMAPS vessels is simple due to the small footprint granted by the innovative ama retraction system. Up to eight units are able to be simultaneously loaded into a cargo plane such as a C-17 Globemaster.